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This site provides interactive access to the Deltares Argus image archive. Anonymous users can view the last years' images of most active sites.

For background information on Argus, or if you'd like broader or deeper access to the archive and derived data products please visit and contact us.

How it works

Use the controls on the left to specify your image selection criteria and output type as follows:

  • Select an Argus site from the drop-down list.
  • Select a starting and ending date using either the text box in YYYY.MM.DD notation, or with the calendar buttons to the right.
  • Select the type of images to display. The default is all basic images: snap, timex, var, min and max. If you choose the default (thus multiple images) you must specify a single camera in the next step.
  • Select all, or a specific camera by chosing Select... from the drop-down list and checking the desired cameras.
  • Specify an optional time filter, either a fixed time of day (UTC) or images close to predicted high or low astronomical tides.
  • Finally, specify the output format. Thumbnails produce a grid of small images that you can click on to enlarge. The URL option generates a list of URLs for matching images that you can use to download using your own software.