Zhoushan site description

Location and background

Zhujiajian island is part of Zhoushan Island group consisting of 400 islands just South of the Yangtze river delta. The island is known as oriental Hawaii. It has beautiful beaches, and it also contains the Zhujaijian Daqingshan National park.

The area is prone to typhoons and the beaches can change due to impact of these storms.

The development of the beaches is of importance to the tourism in the area.

The Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration conducts research in this area on morphodynamis and coastal management. One of the beaches of interest is the beach on the west side of the island. Beach view from hotel roofcameras

Argus system

Cameras on hotel

The institute purchased an Argus system for this purpose through Zealquest Scientific. The 7 cameras were fixed on two mountings on the roof of a hotel in 2015. The data collected through these systems was collected remotely by Deltares for the first year. At present SIO collects the data.